We are so scared of other people because we don't know about  there cultures. Or we don't know them in general. People don't all ways like the same thing so we don't hang out with them. Some people just like to be lonely. we are so scared of going up to people or they are shy.


I stock up for my sisters when my mom got mad at us. When my mom said "hows mess this" and I said "not mine my that's my sisters." But I was right and it was not mine it was my brothers mess but we still had to pick it up because my brother was to little to pick it up.

scary story

One night as I was sleeping and I had bad dream so I woke up and then I saw a ghost i looked at it. It did not look at me. I could see through it. Then I closed my eyes. Then it was gone. I was to scared to move then a few minutes later I fell a sleep.